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Aliases: fine-pitch & ultra-fine pitch test probes; pogo style probes; pogo pins; compliant-probes; spring-loaded probes; transposer pins

APPLICATION: Used in the construction of fine-pitch test sockets, fine-pitch fixtures, contactors, fine-pitch Kelvin probes, rf probes, controlled impedance probes, rugged connectors for:

Testing: SoC, SiP, CSP, BGA, QFN Semiconductor Packages.
Testing: mems | mcm | hybrid | automotive| aerospace components.
Testing: RFID antennas | flex circuits | fine-pitch PC Boards.
Testing: sensors | High Density Lead Frames | read/write heads.
Testing: 0,65 or 0,5 or 0,4 or 0,25 mm arrays or grids.
Testing: high-density, fine-pitch substrates, SoC's or SiP's.
Testing: GHz range wireless and other high-speed devices.

AlphaTest µHELIX Test Probes

developed and manufactures the miniature test probes offered on this web site. They are sold globally to the electronics manufacturing industry under the trade name μHELIX® by , GmbH, and .   Any other manufacture or distribution of these products is prohibited through the assignment of US and foreign patents* to and by patents pending. Various suppliers of high-performance test sockets, high-density connectors, exotic test fixtures, and leading-edge electronic products incorporate these pogo style probes in their products to gain a technological edge.  also supplies custom test fixtures, provides training, and shares design concepts with end-users and resellers who incorporate these spring-loaded probes into their products.  These fine-pitch test probes meet the escalating demands of StripLine, BGA, CSP, SoC, SiP, MEMS, mcm, hybrid, RFID antenna, flex-circuit, KGD, and flat-panel testing.  μHELIX® offer the performance edge in discrete, compliant  test probes by offering wide-bandwidth, short electrical length, 250 µm row & column spacing and a selection of tip and body formats.
* Patent Number 5,982,187 and 6,034,532 and 3,165,066.