microHELIX Test Probes your fine-pitch connection






S300*3800-P2 Group Models
PartNum Descriptive Model Name Probe Image Length
600789 S300*3800/700/30@350/B1300c4/B1300c4 model 600789 6400 µm30 g
600790 S300*3800/700/30@350/B1300c4/S1300s model 600790 6400 µm30 g
600791 S300*3800/700/30@350/B1300c4/S1300r model 600791 6400 µm30 g
600792 S300*3800/700/30@350/B1300c4/S1300f model 600792 6400 µm30 g
600806 S300*3800/700/30@350/S1300s/S1300s model 600806 6400 µm30 g
600807 S300*3800/700/30@350/S1300s/S1300r model 600807 6400 µm30 g
600808 S300*3800/700/30@350/S1300s/S1300f model 600808 6400 µm30 g
600809 S300*3800/700/30@350/S1300r/S1300r model 600809 6400 µm30 g
600810 S300*3800/700/30@350/S1300r/S1300f model 600810 6400 µm30 g
600811 S300*3800/700/30@350/S1300f/S1300f model 600811 6400 µm30 g
These test-probes consist of three parts, a body (tube/coil component), a plunger, and a secondary Pin. They can be installed with either the plunger or the secondary pin toward the device under test (DUT). The spring is offset toward the plunger end of the tube but these probes are functionally symmetrical and can be installed with either end down.

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