AlphaTest Corporation microHELIX Test-Probes your fine-pitch connection


... pogo style, compliant, fine pitch, ICT and FCT, long lasting, catalog or semi-custom

Durable µHELIX® (microHELIX) test probes last hundreds of thousands of test cycles to give you long lasting, accurate and reliable testing!
Even when placed on close centers, these short and small diameter ICT/FCT probes can decrease the fixture contributed noise that can be introduced by signal crosstalk, inductance and probe resistance. A shorter signal path and lower impedance will produce superior performance. These pogo style probes come in effective electrical lengths ranging from 3 mm - 10 mm (0.12" to 0.40").
And with no minimum order required, small quantity solutions just got affordable!

PLUS - We offer custom test fixtures and semi-custom pogo style probes for those difficult testing projects with small features or the challenging topography of PC boards, components and other logistics.

Testing: ICT/FCT (in circuit test/functional), SoC (System on Chip), BGA (Ball Grid Array), QFN (Quad Flat No Leads)
Testing: medical | automotive| aerospace components | telecommunications
Testing: fine pitch, tight pitch and close centers

AlphaTest microHELIX Test Probes

Precision Redefined: Test Probes and Fixtures for Reliable Testing

Made in the USA, these semiconductor test probes range in diameters from the larger diameter of .020" (.508 mm) down to the smaller diameter of .008" (.203 mm) and are sold globally to the electronics manufacturing industry under the trade name μHELIX® . Meeting the escalating demands of StripLine, BGA, CSP, SoC, SiP, MEMS, mcm, hybrid, RFID antenna, flex-circuit, KGD, and flat-panel testing, these miniature probes define the performance edge in discrete, compliant pogo style test probes by offering wide bandwidth, short electrical length, .010" / 0.254 mm row & column spacing plus four different tip styles. µHELIX® (microHELIX) conform to RoHS and REACH Directives.

also supplies custom test fixtures, provides training, and shares design concepts with end-users and resellers who incorporate these spring contact probes into their products. We specialize in fast turn proto-typing and are prepared for the frequent revisions associated with custom products.

AlphaTest microHELIX Test-Probes

conforms to RoHS and REACH Directives

microHELIX Test-Probes

your fine-pitch connection

* Patent Numbers 5,982,187 and 6,034,532 and 3,165,066. Any other manufacture of these products is prohibited.