microHELIX Test Probes your fine-pitch connection Model 600262 Test Probe





Ordering Part Number 600262
Descriptive Model Name S500*3800/900/30@450/S1300s/S0a
material tube & spring (body): 304SS
Plunger: SS20AP tool steel
i/o end: 304SS
length body: 3800 µm (0.150 inches)
plunger: 1300 µm (0.051 inches)
Length Over All (LOA) 5,10 mm (0.201 inches)
Alternate Lengths in S500 Series
(µHELIX® probes with 20 mil diameter)
3,05 mm LOA, S500*2440-P1 Group
3,74 mm LOA, S500*2440-P1 Group
5,10 mm LOA, S500*3800-P1 Group
6.50 mm LOA, Model 600462
7,10 mm LOA, S500*4500-P2 Group
8,25 mm LOA, S500*6350-P1 Group
10,15 mm LOA, S500*6350-P2 Group
10,40 mm LOA, S500*6600-P1 Group
14,10 mm LOA, S500*9500-P2 Group
diameter body: 508 µm (0.020 inches)
plunger: 356 µm (0.014 inches)
i/o end: 508 µm (0.020 inches)
i/o contact: 275 µm (0.011 inches;)
plunger tip shape: sharp, 90° cone plunger tip
alternate plunger tip shapes Model 600263 with round tip
Model 600264 with flat tip
Model 600303 4-point crown
i/o contact: annular ring, 13 µm width i/o end
alternate i/o contact in S500*3800-P1 Group Contact
spring type rectangular helix integral to tube
spring force 30 grams (1.1 oz) at 450  µm
alternate force Model 600253 (90g@350 µm)
spring compliance 900 µm (0.035") maximum
450 µm (0.018 inches) recommended
plating body: 35 µinches Type II Gold
plunger: 35 µinches Type II Gold
For other plating, contact AlphaTest.
lubricant between plunger and probe body none: gold on gold wiping contact
probe resistance < 40 milliohms
µHELIX® spring life > 106 cycles at recommended compliance
installed pointing accuracy drill accuracy ±20 µm (0.0008")
probe-guide drill size #74; 572 µm (0.0225")
plunger-guide drill size 1/64"; 397 µm (0.0156")

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