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Model 600336 Test Probe



Model 600336 µHELIX®

Ordering Part Number 600336
Descrpitive Model Name S500*4500/900/30@450/B1300c4/B1300c4
material tube & spring (body): 304SS
Plunger: SS20ap steel
Pin2: SS20AP steel
length body: 4500 µm (0.177 inches)
plunger: 1300 µm (0.051 inches)
pin2: 1300 µm (0.051 inches)
Length Over All (LOA) 7,10 mm (0.280 inches)
aternate lengths in the S500 Series
(µHELIX® probes with 20 mill diameter)
3,05 mm LOA, S500*2440-P1 Group
3,74 mm LOA, S500*2440-P1 Group
5,10 mm LOA, S500*3800-P1 Group
6.50 mm LOA, Model 600462
7,10 mm LOA, S500*4500-P2 Group
8,25 mm LOA, S500*6350-P1 Group
10,15 mm LOA, S500*6350-P2 Group
10,40 mm LOA, S500*6600-P1 Group
14,10 mm LOA, S500*9500-P2 Group
diameter body: 508 µm (0.020 inches)
plunger: 356 µm (0.014 inches)
pin2: 356 µm (0.020 inches)
plunger tip shape: 4-point crown plunger tip
pin2 tip shape: 4-point crown i/o end
alternate pin tips for P1/P2 in the S500*4500-P2 Group Model 600373 with sharp/sharp pin tips
Model 600321 with crown/round pin tips
Model 600421 with crown/flat pin tips
Model 600336 with crown/crown pin tips
Model 600337 with sharp/sharp pin tips
Model 600324 with sharp/round pin tips
Model 600339 with sharp/flat pin tips
Model 600341 with round/round pin tips
Model 600340 with round/flat pins
Model 600355 with flat/flat pins
Model 600462 with shorter flat/flat pins
spring type rectangular helix integral to tube
spring force 30 grams (1.1 oz) at 450  µm
spring compliance 900 µm (0.035") maximum
450 µm (0.018 inches) recommended
plating body: 35 µinches Type II Gold
plunger & pin2: 35 µinches Type II Gold
lubricant between plunger and probe body none: gold on gold wiping contact
probe resistance < 80 milliohms
µHELIX® spring life > 106cycles at recommended compression
installed pointing accuracy drill accuracy ±20 µm (0.0008")
probe-guide drill size #74; 572 µm (0.0225")
plunger-guide drill size 1/64"; 397 µm (0.0156")

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